Thursday, February 18, 2016

More on 3D Facial Projection

This is in response to Tracy's blogpost about Lady Gaga's performance at the Grammy's on Monday. I also thought it was super cool and I was all "OMG HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!?", although I wasn't surprised that Lady Gaga partnered with Intel to use technology in her performance. I did some more research on it and I learned that Intel worked with Japanese artist and scientist Nobumichi Asai to create 3D facial projection. It's basically animation on a person's face in real time.

If you look closely in the video Tracy posted, Gaga has these tiny dots on her face. These are used to make a 3D scan of the face; then they create graphics based on the 3D model. Last, they project it on the face, like a mask. Intel is inside each computer and is involved in each part of the process. Asai says that his work wouldn't be possible without Intel.

About his work, Asai says, "I wanted to focus on the expression of [beauty] and [make-up art] instead of technological gimmicks and impacts. But this demands a higher level of technological precision. A subtle mismatch in projection would ruin the effect."

He also uses his work to showcase his Japanese culture, "When I look around nowadays, it is quite rare to see women with traditional Japanese aesthetics. My intention is not to communicate [make-up] as influenced by other cultures, but to express [kesho (Japanese word for make-up)], Japan’s unique set of aesthetic ideals that have been passed on through generations. I feel that conveying this message is important for the traditional and cultural aesthetic ideals of [kesho] to thrive."

This could take performance art to a whole new level. I'm excited to see other artists use this technology in the future.

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