Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Is Animation a Driving Force Behind Americas Sequel Craze?

With the upcoming release of the third installment of the Kung Fu Panda series, I can only shake my head at the direction that modern day audience attention spans are heading. This, in combination with the fact that a sequel is almost guaranteed profit for the distribution company, is driving studios to play it safe and stick with tried and true stories over taking risks on other ventures.

The other genre I see pushing the limits of American wallets is Action / Superhero, with billions being raked in on sequel after sequel. This largely has to do with its international profit margin (another large category for Animated films as they are easily dub - able) and in the end the movies that get made are the ones that are going to make the money.

Pixar and Dreamworks seem to be the two worst at this, and the first sequence I can remember takes me back to Shrek. There are now four movies in this series and has thus been played out, but who knows where something as big as Frozen could go - could it get an elusive fifth movie in addition to its millions of dollars in other branding enterprises?

Kung Fu Panda seems to be its counterpart for the young males of our this sequel crazed generation, and with its box office numbers it seems to be headed toward many more to come. Especially with multiple new platforms for distribution I think we could see many more of these series make it further than any of the past ones have been able to.

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