Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Strange Motion within Emperor's New Clothes

Animation and motion graphics in music videos is another factor that has drawn me to animation. There are many creative ways motion graphics and animation can be used in order create visually striking images, especially within the realm of music videos. In music videos very little has to make sense and therefore a whole hodgepodge of images and animation can come up.
         A friend of mine recently told me to watch Panic at the Disco’s music video for their song “Emperor’s New Clothes”, not only because the song is kind of cool but the video itself is very intriguing. As someone analyzing the plethora of ways the music video was made, a couple conclusions have came to my mind.
         The first thing I noticed was the strange and intricate use of stop motion through out the music video. Although the stop motion is most noticeable during the shots of the skulls “singing”, it is sprinkled throughout and subtly shown through Brendon Urie’s actions as he moves around the scene.
         Another affect that is shown within this music video that could either be very intense make up details or just animation techniques is when Urie’s skin starts to chance color and texture as well as the growing of the horns and other strange bodily things. Although after the full transformation is complete it is definitely completely make up, but the fluctuation that happens with his skin while these things are growing out of him are, at least, in my opinion, due to animation.

            Regardless of how creepy this video kind of is, It’s still pretty cool and Panic at the Disco is definitely still one of my favorite artists. So yeah! Check out the video below if you want to experience it yourself.

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