Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Pixel Art Path

Recently I have become really fascinated with pixel art, and how people animate it this unique style.  For my name project in class, I wanted to go in a more retro direction, and make something that looks like a classic NES game, such as The Legend of Zelda, or Metroid.  While searching for tutorials, I found that making pixel art is a relatively simple process, yet it could end up taking a long time to master.  It requires quite a bit of patience, and a lot of creativity.
One video that really struck me was a speed-art video done by a youtuber by the name of, "Binof trash."  In the video, she draws a cute rpg style girl, and shows her animation process, resulting in the adorable short clip below:

This artist has a number of videos showing her skills in animating pixel art, and they're all very fun to watch.  I hope that one day I could end up making animations as beautiful as hers!

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