Friday, February 28, 2014

Animation Used in the Medical Field

(WARNING: Some of the videos that you are about to see might seem graphic to some people. Please if you get grossed out easily do not watch the videos.)
So a week from today I will be undergoing Orthognathic surgery, in layman's term upper jaw surgery. When I first found out that I was getting the surgery I wanted to know really exactly what my oral surgeon was going to do. So I resorted to Youtube! I obviously did not want to watch a real live video  that would have made me faint. I found this animation video of what will happen.
(This video might seem graphic to some people, so please if you get grossed out easily don't watch)

This video was shared by Duane Grummons, who is an orthodontist in Washington.
Finding this video was really cool for me. I am able to see what is going to happen before my surgery and it also allowed me to understand the surgery more in depth. I am also able to show people who may not know the surgery or don't really understand what is going to happen. I know that my oral surgeon has used animations before to show me how he was  going to perform the surgeries. It definitely helped seeing a visual before to after. The animations are generally simple, allowing anyone to understand what will happen. I just find it amazing how much technology has grown. Allowing anyone to search any surgery without being completely grossed out, its just awesome! I definitely recommend to any and ever doctors office to use animations for their practice!

 Below are some links to other surgeries that I have had if anyone is interested.
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