Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Can't Think Of Anything Clever

So I was going to think of a clever title, but I got nothing, so here it goes:

I'm going to write about the new Transformers Age Of Extinction trailer that was unveiled during the Super Bowl. To start off I started tearing when I saw it because I love these movies and it looked incredible. So let us begin.

Watching this trailer really made me open my eyes. Now, I know that I wasn't exactly able to pin point specific effects that will be used in class, however, I was able to catch a lot of cool effects in general. The way that the trailer was made utilized a ton of different effects. The use of explosions and particles were made great. Granted the Transformers are always done with such high quality that the amount of detail that is put into them is probably out of this world.

If I relate this post to my last two, I can most definitely imagine that the Transformers movies take much more computing power and many more computers in render farms to create this movie. They are both long movies and EXTREMELY high resolution. Especially with the detail, like I stated above. If you want to watch the trailer, it is right here. If you are as impressed as I am with how this trailer makes the movie look, I am pretty sure no one will be anything less than impressed.

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