Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sticking To What I Know... Again...

So clearly I was going to another thing on CGI stuff and rendering. However, the problem with this post is that there isn't enough info online about the rendering side of things. But anyway, here we go!

The new Amazing Spider Man movie that is coming out. Clearly not all of it is live action, especially the scenes of Spider Man flying through the air swinging on his web. This is clearly computer generated. Now, to make something this crisp would obviously take a lot of computing power to create and render to its finished product. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere how long or how much computing that would take, but I can tell you that it would be a fair amount of both.

Not only will the swinging scenes be needing a lot of the computing power, the fighting sequences will need it as well. These parts of the movie not only have super intense actions happening, a lot of it isn't actually real life and is either being used with green screen or completely animated. For example, the part where Jamie Fox is going after Spider Man and he is sort of "immersed" into the electricity field, that is clearly not real because no human can be absorbed into electricity. Kind of going off of that, the Green Goblin isn't real either because, well, we haven't exactly come up with that technology yet.

So needless to say, without getting too repetitive, a lot of these scenes are going to require a lot of time to render because of the quality of the image and how many frames are being used to capture all of the action. If you want to see the extended trailer, it's just down below.

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