Friday, February 14, 2014

Sims: Sometimes It is My Real Life

I decided for this blog entry I would express my love for The Sims. For those of you that are not familiar with The Sims, it is a strategic life simulation video game series. There are currently four main series and about six renditions of The Sims. It is one of the most successful video games series of all time and as of May 2011, the franchise has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide, and is the best-selling PC franchise in history.

I have The Sims 3 and have spent countless hours at a time creating characters, falling in love, getting jobs, burning food and so much more. It is a great game to have to pass the time, when your sick or when you are just completely bored out of your mind. You have total control of almost everything in this game, which is the biggest reason I love this game. It makes me feel like God! I also like that it is so life like. For example, in order to get into a relationship with another Sim you need to first talk to the character, then establish a friendship with them by telling jokes or asking about their work. Then you are able to start making moves like flirting. But at the same time I also like the parts of the game that aren't so life like. For instance, in The Sims 3 to adopt a child all you have to do is call child care and they will give you a kid the next day even if you already have like six of them. These little twists in the game make it a little more fun than just regular life. Another aspect of the game that makes me like the game is the quality. I like how it is a mid-level quality game. Having that quality gives the game a simplistic look, which is what the game is. It is just a simple, relaxing,  and fun game that allows you to control everything within it. I definitely recommend getting one of games from The Sims franchise, it is definitely worth it!

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