Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Zero" and "The Maker" Short Films

I recently watched an amazing 12 minute stop motion film called "Zero." Directed by Christopher Kezelos, this film is about a world in which "people" (who are little hand-sewn figures) are judged by what number is assigned to their stomach. Zero is a boy born with little to no hope for him, as he is assigned the lowest number you could possible have. After a living a life filled with much shame, he finally meets a girl Zero, whom he falls in love with.  Chaos ensues as their love is forbidden. The rest is for you to watch, as the ending is done incredibly well!

The 12 minute film took TWO YEARS AND HALF YEARS to make. Wow. The team that created the film has made a video that covers all of the production. They started with drawings and designs, then began building prototypes, which took 6 months. After this, they began work on props, final puppets, and sets.

The film has sense won countless awards and has been re-dubbed into 39 different languages.

Here is another one of their films that is truly fascinating, "The Maker."

And for behind the scenes footage, check out the video below! The Maker, which is about a creature called, you guessed it, The Maker, is racing against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life. The film took 6 months to create with a crew of 30 people, has been to 22 film festivals, and has been nominated for an Australian Academy Award. It is beautiful!

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