Monday, February 3, 2014

Cinemagraph: A different approach to a photograph

The use of video and still photography has, in recent years, been combined through the creation of the GIF,  or a Graphics Interchange Format. The idea of a more stylized GIF began with New York City-based Fashion Photographer Jaime Beck. She worked with Kevin Berg, a web designer who also worked with motion graphics extensively. They utilized the cinemagraph for their work beginning in 2011. Their main website depicting these Cinemagraphs are beautifully composed and very subtly animated.
In an article from "The Atlantic" written by Nicholas Jackson, here's a few words from Beck on the work: "We began seriously creating them during fashion week this past February. Our first few animated images were sequenced still shots looped in rapid succession which is a fairly common way of making an animated image. From there we began utilizing more fluid motion isolated in certain parts of an image to capture a moment of time, but also to un-freeze a still photograph by showing that moment's temporal movement. The process involves still and video photography but editing is very manual and varies greatly from one to another so we're routinely solving new problems when creating them."
This first one is a Kevin Berg and Jaime Beck example:

Here are a few more I found that I think are just beautiful. This cafe scene also done by Beck and Berg.
meet me at the bar

Wanna learn? Here's a pretty easy to follow tutorial to get you started! Check out some famous movie cinemagraphs!

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