Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Retro 8 bit video game title screens

Came across this video and I think it would be pretty simple to recreate some of these ideas.
From what I've learned thus far I can see that TheStrangermedia on YouTube uses 3D texts shadows/reflections. The moving sky with clouds at 0:22 seconds could've been done with loops. The final game title shown looks like it was a still image first and with some masking it was manipulated to move in a simple fashion.

This is another cool video with some finger tracking/tracing done in after effects. I have an idea of how this can be done but I'm not 100% confident that I can recreate this. All the different shapes, particles and beams would probably need their own layer, thus making this a huge file with a long list of layers. This commercial is very smooth and visually appealing. The cool thing is that with the raw footage of the finger movements, so many different effects can be thrown on to this.

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