Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meat in Motion

Meat Love is a stop-motion animated short film by Jan Svankmajer, made in 1989. The film tells the story of two slices of meat that briefly experience life and vanity before being fried.

I've seen this short several times over the past six years and I'm still not sure how he animates the meat. I'm guessing that there are wires stuck through it, or some sort of thickening agent applied to it, but it is able to stand and move on its own.

For the most part the animation is done frame by frame, but there are moments when the camera continues to roll during action, such as when the meat pieces are tossing flour on each other. When I see longer cuts mixed into stop motion, I often find it to be a bit jarring. The world of the animation temporarily drops into our reality and it doesn't always work.

Svankmajer is known for his surrealist animation and has produced 27 short films and 7 feature films, including one called Insects to be released in 2015.

Here is a longer short he did about food that's worth checking out:


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