Thursday, February 20, 2014

Technology is mind blowing

I am an Emerging Media student and everyday I am learning about the new and emerging tech ideas and it is CRAZY!
In this blog I am going to talk about some of the items I've learned about in other classes.
  • Tile

Tile is literally a small tile with some adhesive tape and can be stuck to anything. Tile comes with an app that allows you to find any missing item with a tile attached to it. The tile app only works within a certain range of the missing tile. What's cool about this is that if someone else also has the tile app and your missing item is close to them, it will alert you about where your missing item is.
This item is relatively cheap ($20.00 for one or buy 3 get one free) however it only has a shelf life of one year.

  • Leap Motion

Leap motion is a computerized device that supports finger and hand movements. With this device you can play games, use programs like photoshop, create and explore. According the to the company this is only the beginning. They are planning on expanding this idea and extending 3D interaction into many other digital devices

  •  Coin

Coin allows you to store all of your cards into one card. With this one card you can press a button that allows you to select which card you would like to use and swipe it like a regular debit card. Coin also comes with an app that allows you to swipe your card and store your information on the coin as well as take a picture of the card so you know which one you are referring to. This app also has a GPS bluetooth signal that detects if you leave your card somewhere and alerts you of that.

  •  Oculus Rift / VR

This device is completely mind blowing. This is a head set that basically places you into the game. This device combines 3d rendering with a massive field of view. This takes gaming to a completely different level.

This is all only the beginning to what there is to come with technology. Technology is moving so rapidly, it's kind of scary.

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