Friday, February 21, 2014

Motion Graphics and Special Effects in "Lazy Town"

When one thinks of television shows that are heavy with special effects, action shows tend to be the first to come to mind. But one of the most VFX filled shows out there is Iceland's "Lazy Town"

Focusing on promoting healthy habits in children, the show is action packed when it comes to the movements of main character and show creator Magnus Scheving, who is a impressive athlete. The show itself is bright and colorful, with a mixture of human and puppets populating it.

But the most interesting thing, is that most of the backgrounds and environments are created digitally!

Often, the puppet characters are controlled by multiple people. The puppeteers wear green suits so that they too can be edited out like the green screen!

This allows for lots of complex movement on the puppets' part, which is important in a show all about moving around and getting active!

When all the elements come together, they look fantastic! Take a look:

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