Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who makes this stuff anyway?

Hey you. Yeah, you with the face. Ever wonder who exactly is behind the visual effects from your favorite movies or commercials? Well if you haven't, that's unfortunate. If you have, however, then the search is over.

MPC (Moving Picture Company) has been one of the global leaders in visual effects for over 25 years, and it doesn't seem that they'll be out of the game anytime soon. With facilities in London, Vancouver, Montréal, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Mexico City, MPC is a powerful group that's stationed around the world. In addition to being one of the world's leaders in visual effects, MPC also specializes in concept design, shoot supervision, software development, color grading, and many other aspects of a production.

Man of Steel, World War Z, Life of Pi, and Prometheus are some of MPC's more recent successes that you probably know. I mean, really, how would you not? These are just a few of the company's unbelievable projects where they have gone above and beyond the norm. Take a look. I bet you won't be able to only watch part of the reel.

The company has made some spectacular accomplishments in the world of visual effects. MPC is currently working on countless projects including Godzilla and Game of Thrones (a personal favorite). Aside from films, the company has taken part in the creation of numerous advertising campaigns such as Coca-Cola and Lexus.

I'm not sure if it's the music or the visual effects that have got me amped, but either way, that's some amazing work right there. I guess it just takes a montage and some exciting music to make you realize how much great work is put into certain projects. That's not to say the effects aren't good enough to be noticed on their own, but it's just that a person wouldn't typically stop and think about them.

I don't mean for this to be a post where I shamelessly advertise for some company. No, they didn't ask me to do this. It would have hopefully been written much better if they did. I just think the proper people should be given credit where credit is deserved. Also, apparently MPC is working on this:

And that just looks dope.

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