Friday, February 14, 2014

Element 3D

Want to make realistic objects in After Effects that are truly 3D? Now you can, and it's never been easier with the Element 3D plugin! Created by the guys over at, Element 3D pushes the boundaries with all the things you can do in After Effects. 3D objects, 3D text, 3D environments; Element 3D does it all, and it does it incredibly easy!

So how does it work, you might ask. Well, it's a lot simpler than it might first appear. First, let's talk about Primitive Objects.
Primitive Objects are just what they sound like, objects that are, well, primitive! Inside the primitive objects folder, you'll find an array of cubes, spheres, cones, pyramids, etc. all available with the click of a button. Once you create a primitive, you can use other primitives to help shape the object you wish to create. But what if I want to create something more fancy than just a cube? Well......

For all of those who are artistically gifted, with the click of a button, you can import 3D objects from many different 3D softwares. I don't remember which ones Element supports, but I do know it supports Cinema 4D files and 3DS Max files. Along with that, you can also import .obj files, which are universally used in many different programs. Great! We've got our objects, but it's all gray... Now what?

Welcome to the Material Editor! Element 3D comes packed with many preinstalled materials for you to apply to your objects. You can also create and edit materials very easily. So let's say we made a rock in Cinema 4D, imported into Element, and have a rocky material you want for the rock, what now? Simple, just drag the material onto the rock and you're set! You'll then be able to edit things about the material in the bottom window, to make things unique about that object.

I wanted to write this week's blog post about Element 3D because it is by far my favorite plugin I've used in After Effects! If I want to make something looks nice and pretty, and make it 3D, I quickly rush to Element, because I know I can make some awsome things.

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