Friday, February 14, 2014

Safety Not Guarenteed

Over the past few days I watched a film called "Safety Not Guarenteed." If you haven't seen this film and are planning to do so, I suggest you STOP READING NOW. Only because I am about to ruin the ending for you.

The film is about grocery store clerk Kenneth Calloway (Mark Duplass) who posts a mysterious article in a Washington based newspaper that states he is looking for a partner to travel back in time with him. The post, which was based off a real-life article, can be seen at the bottom of my post. After the article is posted, Darius Britt, played by Aubrey Plaza, decides to investigate the man and his article with her team of journalists. She becomes infatuated with him, (something her journalist friends convince her not to do) and teaters on the idea that he may actually be able to travel back in time. As a viewer, we are almost convinced that their will be no point in the film where we actually see any time traveling. We think that Kenneth is actually crazy, and his previous claims about wanting to go back to prevent the death of his girlfriend are all some reflection on his apparent mental instability.

The film is so realistic, and such a dramedy, that the chances of any spectacular special effects and animations being used seem little to none. It comes off as a slight more quirky "Funny People," type of film, until the end. I will post the last scene, so you can take a look at just how well these animated special effects of the time traveling machine are. I'll also post a link below to the team who did most of the special effects, called "DIVE."

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