Thursday, February 6, 2014

It Sucks, But It Really Doesn't

I'm a big believer in anti-humor. I find things funny that usually aren't intended to be funny. And I know there are a lot of people like me. For example, the above video shows some pretty bad CGI animations. A lot of people will blacklist these kinds of movies because the "effects suck". I personally find them very entertaining to watch. When a movie has special effects/CGI (especially nowadays with improved technology), the viewer won't vividly remember the movie unless it's really good, or really bad. It's fun to laugh at. I've had some of the best times watching movies with friends when it looked like shit and we could all sit around and have fun with watching it.

That sound kind of rude, I guess. But I'm not trying to insult the movie or those who made it. A good time is a good time. Sometimes you just want to have a good laugh. "Bad movie nights" are common amongst friends. I've heard too many people downplay a movie because the effects suck. Even if they "suck" chances are a lot of work was still put into them, and I respect that. People are far too critical. If you argue that it "takes away from the experience" and makes it less believable, I sort of respect that but at the same time, you can watch any video and when you emphasize in your head they're all actors and none of the effects are ACTUALLY real, it obviously makes it less believable. The good part about being an intelligent viewer is you can suspend belief to any extent you choose to. I cry every single time I watch Titanic even though I've seen pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet filming the ocean scene in the kiddie pool. Besides, this stuff is hard. I can't animate a damn 2D bird right so I'm not going to hate on movies with "bad CGI". But that's just me.

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