Thursday, October 29, 2015

Digital Product Placement

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for studio distributors to sell promotional spots in their syndicated programing, squeezing even more money out of their rich syndication deals. This comes in the form of product placement. However, it's more high-tech than placing a cereal box in the background of a scene--this is done digitally. If you watch closely, advertisements in some of your favorite reruns may suddenly appear or change from the what was shown in the original episode.

Take this How I Met Your Mother reference for example. 

The first picture is what originally aired when the episode premiered. The ladder features a Gatorade advertisement that was added years later.

In 2011, another syndicated episode of HIMYM (2006 original air) contained this advertisement for the movie Bad Teacher which was released in theaters around that same time. 

This was done by SeamBI; a company that is changing the game. They've made it so that brands can purchase product placement within a syndicated show in the same manner that they'd buy regular advertisements. SeamBI is responsible for digitally inserting new ads into old programs. The break down their process into three steps: 

1. Identifying product placement opportunity with content
2. Integrating the advertisements once sold.
3. Delivering the ad-enhanced content to the designated broadcasters. 

Most recently, Mirriad has also become a popular digital ad firm. 

The major value in this technology is the ability to customize and integrate content quickly. It works to help target very specific geographic areas and markets. That is something that every advertiser wants. 

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