Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shadowing at Hornet Animation

Recently I was informed that I might be able to shadow at Hornet Animation during the winter break and so I decided to do a bit of research on their work. And I was not disappointed in what I found. The company has worked on just about anything from commercials to music videos! It is clear in each project that they have carefully crafted limited color palettes, general and main shapes, as well as beautifully rendered movement. Below I have chosen just three of some of my favorites!

This is "Boy's Latin" by Panda Bear. The animation was done by Eran Hilleli. It is composed of heavily saturated living organisms that are constantly moving and swaying. Not only is it beautifully done, the amazing visuals keeps the audience interested as well as peaks our interest as to what else is to come.

"Between Bears" was also done by Eran Hilleli as their graduate piece. It is a great example of 3D movement on 2D objects. While I don't quite understand the story, the scenery, lighting, and ominous music kept me engaged the whole way through. 

"Nespresso Mobile" by Parallel, is one of the most beautifully done commercials I have ever witnessed in my entire life. And that's a fact. While this animation also deals with 3D animation of 2D objects, it completely separates itself from "Between Bears" because of it's organized chaos. Even in the thumbnail alone the cluttered city is so ornately detailed that it seems almost more organized than jumbled. 

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