Thursday, October 1, 2015

Virtual Reality Filmmaking

I personally can't wait for Virtual Reality to take off commercially.

While I'm yet to use any virtual reality headset, it hasn't stopped me from avidly watching videos about VR, videos of people experiencing VR and hearing about VR from friends. The whole concept is just so exciting to me. I've always been very keen on immersion. I struggle to watch films with lights on, when there's background noise, even watch with certain people who talk too much.

I love sitting down on my own in a dark room, and fully experiencing films. Same goes for video games. Headphones on, nice size screen, there's nothing like it. So the idea of VR, that everything will be blocked out, you can literally look anywhere in the frame; you become the character gets me so hyped.

Something which I think will be awesome, is animated films in VR. Below is a video which discusses an upcoming VR film, Henry. Check it out, I think it's an exiting step forward for VR and animation alike.


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