Thursday, October 29, 2015

Virtual Reality Animation

I was online and I came across this post.  I thought it was very interesting.  It's about virtual reality plugins for programs like after effects. Click here to read about it. 

I also really enjoyed watching this video on virtual reality animation. I love how imaginative and creative it is. “When you draw, you are expressing something real, visceral. By making a line, it’s like a seismograph of your soul. These are not drawings, these are real characters as they exist in my own life.”

Glen was the son of cartoonist Bil Keane (The Family Circus) and he started animating his drawings early in life. But as he got older, he realized that his drawings were an extension of himself, which is quite challenging within the confines of 2D creations.
Keane says, “When I animate, there is a frustration that I have wishing that the flatness of the paper goes away and that I could actually dive in.”
In virtual reality, flatness isn’t a limitation. There are no edges to mind. An animator need not worry about running out of space for his drawing. Keane described his immersion as “more like a dance.” He was almost dancing around with the animation tool, drawing a character in a virtual reality space. Keane wandered through his drawings, going inside lines and bubbles. For Keane, virtual reality animation means freedom.
Hope you enjoy watching this! 

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