Thursday, October 22, 2015


Because animations are so time consuming I rarely get to make a project that tells a story. I normally only make a short animation that exemplifies some new skill or tool I learned from a tutorial. At some point in high school I saw the animation Storm based on Tim Minchin’s spoken word poem. I absolutely loved the flat animation that used textures, depth of field, and creative perspectives. This video inspired me to try my own animations. I started working in Adobe Flash as an introduction. I was never particularly good at drawing but using the adobe illustrator software made it much easier to bring shapes to life.

I watched the following time-lapse videos after viewing the Storm video and I got a better idea of how much artistry goes into designing characters for detailed animations. I really loved how this video told a story that completely matched and was consistent with the poem. This is a video that I made in high school in an attempt to emulate the Storm style. It is mainly obvious in the wineglass!

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