Friday, October 23, 2015

The Most Popular Girls In School

As quotable as Mean Girls and as saucy as South Park--if you're a college student who has to check out The Most Popular Girls in School, I highly recommend you do so immediately. The Most Popular Girls in School is a stop motion animated web series found on YouTube. It chronicles the daily lives of a number of Overland Park High School cheerleaders, their boyfriends, enemies, and the constant battle to stay atop the social ladder. The creators, Mark Cope and Carlo Moss, use various Barbie dolls to depict their funny characters, who curse a lot and occasionally talk about poop. In my opinion, MPGIS is arguably one of the funniest projects on YouTube at the moment. After the reception of the first season, a Kickstarter campaign funded season 2, and an Indiegogo campaign funded seasons 3 and 4. Up until season 3, the show was solely animated and produced by Mark Cope. With enough funding, however, Cope was able to produce season four as a professional animated series at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles. To this day, MPGIS has four seasons and a total of 70 episodes. Interestingly, I just took a look at their YouTube page and found they even have an app now too! Crazy where that one silly idea can take person...

Enjoy episode one, here:

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