Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Bigger Picture - Oscar Nominated Short

An Oscar nomination for a feature film is a huge deal. I think ever more so for a short however. Christopher Hees, co-creator of the Oscar nominated short animation The Bigger Picture, describes how ecstatic he was when he learned he was nominated.

The Trailer

Directed by Daisy Jacobs, the short is about the struggle of two brothers as they face dealing with their ageing mother. The most clever part to it though, is how the short is 2D animated in a 3D space. Characters are painted onto the walls, while Papier-mâché versions of their arms protrude out and grab objects. These objects are brought back into the wall and become 2D painted versions.

I think the style of the short is awesome, and it's incredibly interesting seeing behind the scenes. You get a real appreciation for how difficult is must have been, and the patience they had. 

Behind the Scenes

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