Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Good Dinosaur

I read a pretty cool article about the Good Dinosaur. If you have seen a trailer or know anything about the movie, the dinosaurs in it aren't your typical looking dinosaurs that you see in the textbook. A writer for the website sat down with the director and asked him why he made them the way that he did. The director said it has all to do with the theme of "What if?". So what if the dinosaurs aren't what we actually think that they look like? Yes we can tell from the bones and such but we don't know what their coloring was or what exactly they were like. This movie questions all of that. They also made the dinosaurs hillbilly type of characters. Because the dinosaurs now live among the humans, what if they became like farm animals or something like that? If you want to read more about the article you can access it here. Also here is the link to the trailer if you want to know more about the movie:

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