Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rocking Out On a Moving Car

Today I wanted to share a video which I think I'll always remember. Nearly 6 years ago, Freddiew released the following video:

I can still remember opening YouTube one day, and seeing this video on the front page. I watched it, and was genuinely confused. Was this fake? But it looked so real! At this point Freddiew still hadn't become the massive viral success that they are today. The comment section was divided as to if it were real. After some research, I found it to be fake, but it inspired me so much. How they could trick people into legitimately thinking it was real. Since then, I followed the channel religiously - just like every other aspiring 14 year old VFX artist.

6 years later, and the team have gone through many viral hits and many changes. Freddie and Brandon (who ran the channel), have gone their separate ways to a degree, but it's been exciting to follow their journey. I'll still get immense joy to this day, going back through their old videos which gave me so much inspiration when I was younger.

And in case you were wondering, here's how they pulled off that shot:

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