Sunday, February 12, 2012

ESPN "Numbers Never Lie"

In this past week's class we spoke about the "Write-On" effect and we had to incorporate a pen or hand into our animation. However I came across this video, which reminded me of this effect, even though it is slightly different, and I was really interested in seeing how the creators went about doing this. This video was created by ESPN but is similar to the work done by a company called Ydraw who generate scribing videos which are clean artistic, clean, and extremely detailed.

This ESPN Whiteboard Animation consists of a hand drawn video that takes the viewer through the process of the drawing and creating of an artist's work in fast time. However within the drawing there are two parts in which one of the drawings winks and the other one has the characters move there body and heads. I wondered how they pulled this effect off especially since it is made to seem as though the entire animation is just a sped up version of the artist drawing. I wondered how did this animation and maybe it smooth and flowing from one drawing to the next. It is really cool to see stuff we learn in class in all different types of videos and be able to point them out.

Here is the video:

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