Saturday, February 4, 2012

Particular Text

Text, particles, parenting layers, expressions... Why not all at once?

I was browsing through various videos and tutorials on YouTube, Google and Video Copilot searching for something that was both interesting and applicable. Fortunately I stumbled across Speed Particles at Video Copilot. It essentially combines everything we have learned in class so far, and goes into more specific detail on the manipulations that can be done to particles. It provides a good example of the usefulness of parenting layers and also introduces a way of working with expressions that I know we will be working with in class later: an if-then-else formula.

What Andrew Kramer creates in this tutorial is a very cool effect that is not that difficult to understand or to make. As with anything in After Effects, it could have countless unique and explosive variations by simply tweaking properties of the existing layers and effects!

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