Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is an environmental movement that educates people on the issues through animated shorts. The short movies are about things such as drinking bottled water vs tap or what happens to electronics after we throw them away. They range from about 8 minutes to 20 minutes and are entirely animated (with the exception of the narrator). Since these videos are a little long and the topic doesn't necessarily grab the audience's attention, I think the animation keeps you more focused and interested in what they are trying to say. They are overly simplistic, from the information to the animations, which is helpful for people because it presents the problem in a comprehensive way.
The animations were made using photoshop and flash but I think something similar could be made using after effects, but it might have a less cartoonish feel to it.

Freerange was the company that produces the films and in their case study, they show how they created the simple design and applied to everything related to the project. So the concept of The Story of Stuff is now recognizable by the sketch design and animation.

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