Saturday, February 11, 2012

More crazy CG films.

I'm not sure if this one has been posted yet, but this is another video that I look up to. It's one of the best pieces of CG work I've ever seen. It's called The Third & The Seventh, a 12 minute long film created entirely in CG. I wish I could see some of the work involved in this and how it evolved over time during the production process to result in the final product above. I always feel like I'm figuring AE just fine out by doing the tutorials but it would be so cool to work with project files from films like this to see how it was all done. I have a film idea that I want to produce for the doorknobs that would involve heavy 3D/AE work but it's so intricate that it would take possibly two semesters... It's definitely a goal of mine to be able to make convincing work like this.

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  1. Jorge Seva, aka Alex Roman is one of the many young and very talented Spanish CG artists. I am sure you will like to know more about him and others we can talk about and show their work as well (some of their work has been posted about in both this blog as well as our 3D blog
    There are some good articles and "how-to's" of his work. Here is one at the AREA
    If you are interested you should register at the AREA (Autodesk's Digital Entertainment and Visualization Community) so you can have access to tutorials and other more advanced stuff. HERE is a link to a short tutorial by Alex Roman about the making of the auditorium, which will give you an idea of what it takes to do something like that.:-) You must register to access it.