Saturday, February 25, 2012

Black Sheep Films

As I was searching this weekend for interesting videos on the Internet, I came across a video which required a large amount of work and effort in After Effects. The video is called, "Buenos Aires-Inception Park," and it was created by a film production company called Black Sheep Films. This particular video was directed by Fernando Livshitz was managed to pull off this amazing illusion of having an amusement park actually operating inside the center of Buenos Aires. The video itself if really quit an interesting concept and pretty cool to watch as well. However while watching this film I couldn't help but think, especially after all the time and effort we put into doing our small class projects, how time consuming a project like this takes. In addition, I look at many of the comments on the video to see what other viewers said and how they believed the video was made. Many individuals said there was most likely the use of masking, silhouette shadows, motion blurs, and numerous other effects used to make this possible. Well, overall thought this was a very interesting and unique piece. It is definitely worth watching!

Buenos Aires - Inception Park from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

In addition, even though I believe this is a Spanish film company and most of their website is in Spanish, I have attached the link to the site just in case you would like to check out some more of Black Sheep Films  videos and director, Fernando Livshitz's various works done through After Effects:

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