Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Idea

For my project, I plan on creating a funny animation on how the apple was decided on the logo of Apple Computers -- not an orange or banana or some other fruit // I have not decided yet.

In this below video, the "Video Graphics" comes falling from the sky and crushes out everything in the screen. Instead of the text, I plan to recreate the Apple logo -- crushing another fruit ... then bouncing onto a Mac or iPad or something (again that I plan to design and recreate) where it regularly rests on said products.

I think I could face a few different problems -- mainly the design and also  the audio linkage. For the design, recreating an Apple product will probably the be toughest because there are so many details and finite specifics to a product -- even though it is a simple animation, I still would like to get the design mastered as effeciently as possible! In regards to the audio, bouncing items usually make squeaky noises and finding / syncing this said audio to the bounces could be challenging because I am going to need to find the best sounding audio and accurately link it and fade it -- so it actually sounds good, isn't simply present

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