Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teen Titans Intro

So as a kid I watched a lot of cartoons. One thing I loved about them were the theme songs. It always got me excited for the show. One title sequence in particular I always though was really cool, the intro to Teen Titans.

So I went back and looked at this sequence again. It impresses me even more now. The use of color is extremely important in the sequence. Each one of the characters has a specific color that is associated with them. The colors get repeated throughout the opening and signal to the audience what characters are being talked about. The thing that I find really cool is how the words Teen Titans are constantly manipulated throughout the open. Every shot is working within the context of one of the letters. The transitions between the shots are matched with the music and are all involving the letters in some way. Making the open one fluid piece that just continually transitions is so cool and must have taken a ton of planning. Not only was Teen Titans a great cartoon, this opening is amazing.

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