Thursday, February 16, 2012

MoGraph Festival

This is the promo for the Motion Graphics Festival 2008 and I loved the style and beat of it. I feel that the form meets the content very well in this piece and portrays a lovely irony. I also found it very fitting as it is obviously a nod to Kyle Cooper's work which was just covered in class. The Motion Graphics Festival is a festival based out of Chicago that showcases a large number and variety of motion graphics work that is definitely worth a look.

Motion Graphics Festival 2008 from Psymbolic on Vimeo.

This promo was done by Lift Motion Design ( They do a lot of commercials, (5 gum commercials, and Geico) as well as the type of fast moving, heavy impact animated graphics for sports shows like ESPN.

5 Gum - Lush from LIFT MOTION DESIGN on Vimeo.

Race to March Madness from LIFT MOTION DESIGN on Vimeo.

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