Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ever since watching the interview with Michael Riley from Shine, I have been thinking a lot about design companies and what they do. I went onto the Shine webpage, and saw that they do so much stuff. They have made title sequences for so many TV shows and films, but they also do commercials and branding.

But what I found most interesting is that they don't have just one style. When we looked at Saul Bass, we saw that he had a very unique style, one that is often imitated. But Shine isn't like that. Watching their different projects on their website, one would never be able to guess that they were created by the same company.

We already saw the "Gattaca" and "The Back-Up Plan" titles in the interview, but here are a few more

The "Modern Family" title is much simpler than the ones for the films.

The "Criminal Minds" sequence combines images from the show with mugshots and article clippings from real life serial criminals

Next to each of the videos, it also tells a little something about coming up with the idea for the project or what the client had to say about the company.

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