Saturday, February 4, 2012

Face Morphing in Moving Objects

This week I know Auturo spoke about looking at all the various video tutorials on video copilot. However I found my inspiration for this week's blog through a very unexpected source. I am willing to admit that during this weeks episode I was impressed by one of the special effects that occurred during one of the music performances, more specifically Black or White originally done by Michael Jackson. The editors of this episode were inspired by the originally Michael Jackson video to actually morph the faces of the actors into one another as they were singing. I thought this was absolutely crazy and wanted to immediately figure out how they did this or if there was anyway I could simply replicate this effect in After Effects. Here is the link to the video unfortunately I couldn't get a shorten version but if you want to skip right to the special effect it starts at 1:42:

After looking up all different information on how to actually how to do this animation I found out that the editors most likely used an additional effect in after effects known as RE: Flex Morph which always you to take two different moving objects and morph between the two. I found this really interesting and found a simple tutorial that gives step-by-step introductions on how to create this effect. In my upcoming projects I am extremely interested in incorporating this effect and seeing if I can complete it as effectively as the editors of Glee. Here is the tutorial for the effect and a link to morph  still images into various objects such as other people, animals, etc:

This is the link as well:

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  1. Unfortunately RE:FlexMorph is a plugin that costs more than AE itself (something over $500). However there are other tools within AE that can be used for morphing, including the "Reshape" filter (under the Distort menu) and the Pixel Motion Frame Blending (under Layer/Frame Blending) although it might take a little more doing to get the same result.