Sunday, February 12, 2012

Augmented Reality

So in researching a project for another class I came across this new technology being developed by Qualcomm called Vuforia. It is an augmented reality interface that allows you to use a camera on your phone or another device to look at an object and get real time instruction on how to use said object. One of the employees likened it to Google Maps turn by turn directions but for real life applications. The applications of this technology would be endless. It could be used to give after effects tutorials as one example. I am definitely interested in the interface though. In the video they point the phone at a desk phone and get taught how to make a conference call. The software recognizes the phone and highlights the buttons you need to press in order for it to work. This could be produced for larger scale things in the future and the possibilities are endless.


  1. Although in this case the application is greatly aided by miniaturization and embedded chips that transmit information via Bluetooth for example, the technology itself is quite old by today's standards. The oldest application I can think of is by Boeing airplane technicians that used head mounted gear to overlay instructions for wiring and assembly diagrams unto airplane motors and mechanic parts about 12-15 yrs ago. The idea finally, is that every machine (think anything from washing machines to bicycles), would transmit its x,y,z position so that diagrams and motion graphics can be overlaid and show step by step instructions.

  2. Augmented Reality is similar to Virtual Reality except it seeks to enhance your perception of the real world and is not a fantasy place..

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