Saturday, February 4, 2012

Helpful Tutorials

Arturo wanted us to look at tutorials for After Effects over the weekend to help familiarize us with the program and how to use it. When I started looking, I saw how many tutorials were out there and realized that it was an overwhelming amount and wasn't really sure where to start. But eventually I came across this website Slodive, and their article of the 60 Best After Effects Tutorials. They have found the tutorials that they felt were the most helpful or interesting for users. They broke the tutorials down into sections for beginner, text, Flash, video, and Photoshop. Although most of these are just links to tutorials on Creative Cow or Video Copilot, i thought that this was a good resource for us. They have some tutorials that are for organizing the files in your composition, working with color, basic introduction videos and numerous text effects. I also thought that rotobrushing and making mass crowds would be really helpful for a lot of projects. My only problem was that some of the tutorials that were supposed to be for "beginners" seemed pretty complicated and I had a hard time following what I was supposed to be doing.

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