Saturday, February 11, 2012

TV logo animation

This week, I decided on bringing up live TV After Effects graphics and video. I was watching a hockey game and just watching the commentary (with double boxes, background animation, et al) and various intros / outros, the idea of discussing network animation logos came up!!

There are many different terms for on-screen graphics throughout the news and sports industry -- I am specifically going to talk about intros and logos to major networks. Many images on live TV are created either from video or Chyron, there are so many different aspects of animation and digital non-video pieces we watch while viewing network news or sports.

The below CBS animation was created on Maya and the other two (I assume were AE) ... The reason why I am posting is because although today's animation and 3D images are crazy intensive and glamorous. Yet when we look at these intros, the simplest of vectors and colors are being used on national network broadcasts. We must really think, with all the hype of intense and crazy 3D animation -- why do the major tv channels still rely on basic vectors and and colors for their logos and backgrounds

recent CBS logo animation

recent NBC logo animation

1957 NBC logo animation

ESPN logo animation

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