Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help me! And FREE STUFF

Hey guys,

So, since I'm a second semester senior the time for reel making and selling my soul to the industry is quickly approaching. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on designing a motion graphic with my name and contact information to go at the end of my reel. While I have already spent a lot of time working on it and have put this current version up with my reel on Vimeo, I still feel like it can be much better. I'm specifically worried that the colors and the font may be a little too bubbly for a reel, even if it does accurately reflect my personality haha. So, since I'm strapped for inspiration on how to make it better at the moment I thought I'd ask you all for advice. I'd honestly appreciate any opinions or suggestions any of you might have to offer. I will post the graphic here, just keep in mind that the music may sound weird since it is cut off from the rest of the reel.

You may notice in the graphic that there is a reflection underneath my name. I actually created this using a free plug in that I downloaded from Video Copilot. It is a pretty cool and also extremely useful plug in so I figured I would paste the link here so that you all could download it too if you are interested.

Click here to watch the video or download the files!

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