Friday, February 3, 2012

Saul Bass TV

Just in case any of you were searching for an easy way to take a look at some of Saul Bass's work I thought I'd suggest the website Saul Bass TV. The website has videos of some of his most famous poster artwork and also his most famous motion title sequences. There is also a brief biography of Bass as well as links to other related website and a list of all of his filmography credits. Chances are many of you would have found the site anyway since it comes up 4th on a Google search but I thought the website itself was pretty cool so it would be worth posting here. I'm assuming the layout of the page was done mostly in Flash but the artist probably also used Photoshop to create the graphics. It uses some of Bass's most iconic images (like the heroin addict arm from "The Man with the Golden Arm" poster) as well as sound to create a pretty entertaining interface. Out of the four title sequences featured on this website I think the one form "The Man with the Golden Arm" is my favorite. You'll probably notice it too when you watch it but I loved how the alignment of the words from the title mimicked the shape of the arm (minus the hand) from the poster. 

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