Sunday, April 15, 2012

While I was working on my original post for this blog entry I ended up finding this website that intrigued me so much I decided to write about it instead. Blog post is a little late as a result but I really wanted to look into it more. The site is, an experimental Flash animation website.

It's essentially a collection of 38 different Flash animation techniques. The site is mainly in Spanish (it seems to originate from Chile) but there are snips of English here and there. The animations cover a broad range of techniques, anything from curves to fractals. Many of them are customizable and all of them are interactive. My favorite is #36 (Nematobit), an animation of some tiny worms squiggling about. I really liked these animations because they reminded me of some of the animations we worked with in Processing (particularly #16). I also really liked these animations because they are great resources and I could come up with tons of ways I could use them myself. It appears that these animations are done with an older version of Flash but I'm sure the ActionScripts used could be referenced or reformatted to work in newer versions of Flash or other programs. 

I couldn't find any direct links to the ActionScript code used for the animations but some of the buttons linked to books that the animation descriptions often referred to. It seems that each animation is based off of the ActionScripts in these books:

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