Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seasons Animation

So kind of forgot about blogging this week, but I did find a pretty interesting animation for the week.

"Seasons" is short that represents the changing of the seasons. The video starts in spring, and moves through the different seasons, with illustrations that "come alive as they transform in color and rhythmic tempo to reveal the full seasonal spectrum". The piece was created using Maya along with After Effects, As I was watching it, there were definitely animations that I recognized as being able to do after the weeks of working in AF.

While I appreciated the animation, I was actually more interested in the director and animator's interpretations of the seasons. The flowers, animals, and flowing lines are all so different than what I think of when thinking of the seasons, so it was interesting to see it from another person's point of view.

For some reason, it's not letting me embed the video, so I had to link it.

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