Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thought Of You

One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is by watching videos of dances online. In one of my recent searches, I found this amazing video.

I really am fascinated by this. Not only is the choreography beautiful, but so is the animation. I love how sometimes it's the two figures, but sometimes it's just lines and shapes that resemble the dancers.

After watching, I started looking up the animator Ryan Woodward. He is actually an animator and storyboard artist and did this as a side project. Included on his site was a behind of the scenes of this video, which is actually just as great as the film.

Watching this made the actual film so much more meaningful. He talks about what inspired him to use dancers and how he felt when he came up with the idea. But it also shows the choreographer and rehearsals and everything that went into the film. As I was watching "Thought of You" I had been wondering if he just drew it or used some other technique, and this showed me how it was actually done. I also thought it was amazing when he said that he used over 4ooo drawings with multiple layers and colors. After the few short projects we have worked on, I can not even imagine how much work went into this film, especially seeing it was just a personal project. But i definitely think that the time and passion that Woodward put into it shows in the animation.

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  1. OK, that is so awesome, and sometimes I just wonder if the arts are dying and then these little gems just rekindle that spirit. love the industry guy who just needs to do his own personal stories!