Saturday, April 7, 2012

making of ... titanic 3d

i wanted to take a quick look at the process of retrofitting the original Titanic movie, into the current film which is in 3D.

this first clip shows James Cameron, the writer/director of the film, simply explains his reasoning for recreating the classic Titanic into 3D and briefly touches on the extensive work that went into retrofitting the original

this original clip is actually from the 1997 film; explaining how they used the green screen (yay green screen!) to make "the million dollar shot" of Jack and Rose at the edge of the ship. it really just shows that green screen graphics is so simple -- almost exactly what we did last week; only their added graphics are much more in-depth and extensive.

this clip, although does not include any audio, seems to show a timeline of how animators added 3D elements to the original film ... i don't really have much to say because they do not explain what they are doing, but I thought it was a cool clip of the transformation

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