Monday, April 16, 2012

CS6 stuff

After Effects CS6 is nearing release and it has some really cool new features like this mask feather tool. Although you can't perform this tutorial without having the new version, it's nice to watch and see how convenient things are getting. The mask feather feature allows you to use a single mask to do something that would have taken you multiple masks before. It automatically creates a feathering around the mask that you've already created, and then lets you adjust how much to feather it at each and every spot on the mask, without having to layer and blend differently-adjusted masks together. Another new feature called CC Environment can quickly create panoramic 3D environments. I have a few panoramic pictures that I've stitched together in the past and this seems like a quick and dirty way of making a cool intro sequence with text and other things. I can't wait to somehow get my hands on this and try out the new stuff...I'm pretty much obsessed with staying up to date with the newest tech. (ugh. this was supposed to be posted saturday night but I guess I hit "Preview" instead of "Publish".)

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