Saturday, April 7, 2012

Color Correction in AE

One of the most important parts of green screen compositing is color correction. Now that we're working on the actual compositing and all of our footage is shot, I'd like to know more about the integration of it all, because keying is only where the battle begins!

Here is a video tutorial that is fairly short and gives a few cool ideas about correcting an image to give it a very punchy, saturated quality. Of course he is using a still image so he does not need to track any of his layers, however it is not a big jump to adjust it for moving images.


 This next link is to a Creative Cow  tutorial. Unfortuantely it is not a video tutorial so I could not embed it here, but I think it is at least as useful as the one above if not more so. It has a number of small tips for matching color that, though they aren't flashy, will really kick up the production value. He also keeps it simple, applying only 3 adjustment layers and a mask.

Color correction is something I know a lot of people shy away from, but I think these two tutorial sum up the basics well and take away the illusion of how frighteningly complex it looks at first glance!

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