Sunday, April 29, 2012

Title Sequence

Okay so my Internet and the blogger didn't seem to working and it has been horrible and I have been trying to post this since this morning, so I am hoping it is working this time. (fingers crossed). So lately I have been paying close attention everytime I watch either a movie or television show at the various title sequences or openings to see if I notice anything really interesting, or anything aspects that seem to possibly have some sort of motion graphics feature to them. However as usual, whenever I want to find a really interesting video of some sort I always resort back to my old reliable Vimeo. This time I was in search of some cool title sequences. I watched over a dozen until I found one I really liked. This title sequence was done for the F5 festival in NYC. I think it is a very unique video and I really liked the use of the bug in the beginning and different animals and how lens flares which were computer generated were used to transition from shot to shot. However my favorite part is when the solid black cube tips over and then sort of explodes into smaller cubes. But I think you should all take a look at it:

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