Friday, April 6, 2012

Would you PAY to work for FREE?

I had not seen this video, courtesy of VFXSoldier What was Mr.Textor thinking! It is simply inconceivable that a CEO of a company, let alone a powerful media company like Digital Domain could utter such nonsense. I am sure this will have serious unintended consequences, specially if the Labor Department gets involved, because there must be a law somewhere that says you cannot benefit from other peoples free labor! And if there isn't then it's about time.

We all know Occupy Wall Street, a movement that keeps rippling through many other facets of our life. It has inspired a new blog called OccupyVFX that is taking the lead in exposing some interesting issues.

Here is the audio of a talk given by Digital Domain's CEO at Roth and Gabelli & Company Investor Conferences, courtesy of OccupyVFX You must listen to this to believe! It should be front page news:


The article in the Los Angeles Times that first came to my attention and made me investigate more is HERE.

I am sure Mr. Textor just texted himself out of a job (sorry, could not help it!)

This is what he says:

Classes starting in the education space, what’s interesting is the relationship between the digital studio and the college.  Not only is this a first in a number of ways that we’ve talked about, but 30% of the workforce at our digital studio down in Florida, is not only going to be free, with student labor, its going to be labor that’s actually paying us for the privilege of working on our films.

What do you think? give me your comments.

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